My name is Greg Ux, I’m a Boston-based fitness professional and trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp. I also do one-on-one private training and teach strength-based classes at South Boston Yoga.

When I’m not coaching people through¬†workouts, you can typically find me reading silently over Whole Foods stir fry or yelling at the TV during Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy.

I aspire to leave the world a better place.

I believe in interactive education as opposed to authoritarian lecturing.

I aim to engage readers and challenge them to connect the dots on their own, and arrive at a sound decision for themselves.

I try to write as if we’re sitting down, having a conversation over coffee. Always a strong, rich, hearty roast.

Find me posting on the ‘gram: @TheUxDeluxe and @PlantBasedBaes
Find me chirping on Twitter: @TheDeluxeUx (Twitter locked me out because of my now-invalid college email address and now won’t let me recover @TheUxDeluxe..)

I’m represented by Maggie Inc in Boston and I’m an ambassador for the WHOOP¬†performance and recovery wearable. Code GREGUX gets you $50 off!